Monday, 20 February 2017

Too hot to be outside

It has been almost a month since my holidays started and I'm trying to keep a routine. Not totally working but I'm trying. The good thing about holidays is going out once a week, with my friends or alone, for coffee or cookies.

Last Friday, I went to a nice coffeeshop with a friend to drink iced coffee and to draw (or to try to). It was nice to spend some time "outside" because, even been busy at home, it's better to go out with your friends. The "bad" part is the weather. It's so hot outside that you think twice about getting out of the house. I, usually, don't mind about being hot but this Summer is testing me and I don't want to go anywhere that doesn't have air conditioning :') But I'm willing to go to a park or to a museum, even though the museums around here don't have bench for you to sit and draw inside or the kind of art I like 😒

Happy Monday and have a nice week, xox

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