Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Weekend of cuties

Some shots from my last weekend. I love every picture Today was my first day in the new semester and I'm excited to learn and try new things! I have new classes this semester, including a photography class :D

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Sci-fi movies

So I would like to share with you some films for the weekend. This time, I'm gonna tell you about some science fiction movies because it's my favorite genre I have a little watch list to see yet but these are really good and they have my heart already.
I hope you guys really like this post. You may have watched most of them and I hope you enjoy if you don't. 

So, Coherence is about a group of friends having dinner when strange things start to happen. And all these things are connected with a comet passing by Earth. They want to know what's going on but eveything is out of control and they don't know who can be trust and what is real or not.

This story is about a guy (Caleb) who wins a competition to work with the CEO (Nathan) of a technology enterprise. He's taken to the montain where he's going to participate of a secret test about AI to know if the machine can, actually, pass as human. As the tests keep going, Caleb don't know if he can trust in his, now friend, Nathan. It seems like he's hiding something and Caleb has to figure it out what.

 Ellie always wanted to be a scientist. She always wanted to make contact with life beyond our planet (if there's the posibility). One day, she receive a message that may be of an extraterrestrial life. It's when everything change in her life. There are a revolution around the world and she will have to deal with people trying to get the control out of her hands.

Scientists found  prehistoric "drawings" in the walls of caves that, when put all together, they form a map to the stars. They believe this map can lead them to the Engineers, the Gods of old legends that visited Earth. An enterprise finances the trip so they can explore the extraterrestrial planet. There, they found a cave and a body belonging that can be one of the Engineers. But things are not what they seem and they will have to find a way to stay alive.

(The best for the last!) Interstellar happens on Earth where the life system is dying. There's no food and water and people become farmers instead of going to college. Cooper was a pilot before all this and can't forget about the old days. One day, he founds the secret NASA buildings, that it's forbidden of spending money on technology when people are dying. He's chosen the pilot of a mission the will leave the Earth to look for another planet for humans to live. But they have not much time because time works different in other planets and can be no home and family to come back and save.

As I said, I have a little list to check because I asked my friends to indicate me more sic-fi movies. They send me a few suggestions as Coherence (on the post), Time Lapse (which I watched this week and I thought it is good), Primer, Gattaca, Moon, Elysium and Dune. If there's anyone else with more suggestions, I totally accept them :)