Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Keep looking for what inspires you

I'm always wanting to write/say something good. To tell people what inspires me so it might inspire them too. I'm in a journey to find myself. I changed my course on college. I want to keep people who care about the others, about things around by my side. I'm trying to watch and to listen and to read what makes me happy and inspires me in some way. I thought it would be a good thing to share with you some movies that I watched last days and touched me somehow. They are special to me and I hope they be special to you too.

The last one I watched was I Origins. Many people talked about it on the internet but I never felt like watching it. Today was the day I wanted something different. This movie touched me in a way that I didn't expect. I don't know how to explain this. It's about fighting yourself to not believe in something bigger (spiritually). But, in the end, you get amazed because life shows you things that you didn't know/expect and makes you want to believe.

I was a girl who liked science and various things that it's not "common". But in some time of my life I got lost. I'm trying to get everything back. And I found myself adoring science even more. I watched this movie because I thought it was about science. I was wrong. It's about a person who could have give up on everything in its life. But it chose to fight and live. And beyond that, there's a woman who could have give up on a man she loved because he was too sick. Instead she chose to fight with him and take care of him. A history about a woman who is stronger than people think.

This is another movie that I thought  something that it was not right. I thought about war, about science. But never about people. Specially about man. Alan Turing was a man who helped to end the World War II. More than that, he was a special person judged for who he was. It's touching. It's sensible. There's also this little character: a woman fighting for her place where man ruled. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

From the weekend, with love

I've been away for awhile. Sorry. Less than a month to start my classes and I hope I use my blog more often. I have a few photos from last last week that I went out with my cousin. I didn't photograph as much as I wanted but I like the ones I took. The photos are from my two favorite places: a park and a bookstore.

ps: I have to find my charger but I have no idea where I hid it.

Diet is kind of hard

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