Monday, 23 January 2017

To photograph the mess

Last week I made iced coffee, pour it in a lovely cup, grab my book and the coffee sachet and put them all on the floor to photograph. The natural light was so perfect, not yellowish, and I loved the pictures I took. After that, I decided to photograph the mess that was my desk, my pyjamas and birkin. Also, my computer and the cute blog I was reading at the time.

Guess what? I liked these photos even more! They look so nice that I'm posting them instead. We "expect" to take great photos and we forget that this is not all that matters. Of course I still want to take good pictures (even the mess was photogenic at the time), but I'm trying to focus on something else. You can totally do both: the random and the "pretty" ones. And it's also fun to photograph the "backstage" of the ones that we strain so hard to make it look good. I even used my little canon powershot because I love the way the photos look in it. Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to shoot with it.

     Hope you like the pictures as much as me, xo 


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