Wednesday, 24 May 2017

(This person still trying to keep moving on and looking for inspiration)

Lately, I haven't liked the photos I take or I don't photograph at all and I don't like when this happens. I'm trying to going back to photograph things around me but it's hard when you don't even remember to take your phone off your pocket  *nervous laugh I haven't even updated my instagram account that much. But I have other "projects" at the moment.
I'm having a Digital Art Lab class this semester and we use Photoshop a lot. So I'm not completly still and lazy at home. Particularly, I'm loving doing digital collage, then my focus is on it right now. We, also, had to create a site to post our works (if you want to check my mine, it's here). As we can see, I'm working on something, at least, and I'm keeping my schedule of a drawing per week and working on my journals too :)

Hope you all are having a good week, xox

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