Saturday, 15 April 2017

Trying to keep going

It's been awhile since I really want to post something but have nothing to say. I'm having some trouble to keep going, my inspiration is nowhere to be found, I don't like the few works I've done and I'm having trouble to finish things, even the ones I like. But I'm still looking for better days to come. My aunt has been travelling to visit some relatives so I have all the house for myself. Not much different from week days but I like it. I like to stay on my own, doing things on my way. I just don't like that I do nothing more than watch series and eat (even though I haven't really eaten that much lately). Forcing myself to post this is one of my efforts to keep going, to not abandon it all. But I have good things to be thankful for: my friends, being able to be alone all the weekend, going out for coffee sometimes, the cloudy weather. I hope I get better soon and don't forget to smile.

And I hope you're having a good weekend, week, month and nice people around you :)

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