Monday, 9 January 2017

Another lazy Sunday

So, we're starting the second week of 2017 already! (A very late Happy New Year)

I wanted to post this yesterday  but I was so lazy :) It has been a really hot summer and I just stayed in the couch all day watching cartoons. Actually, all my Sundays have been lazy cause it's too hot to do something outside.

I haven't made resolutions for this year because I'm trying to ~go with the flow~ but one thing that I really want to go back is to photography and my art. Not the way like "I have to take the perfect photo" or "I have to draw just like Da Vinci". This behavior only got me down last year and I don't want to let that affect me again. That's why the pictures I took yesterday are not very carefully taken or arrenged like I always try to do.
The photos are a little blurred or dark and the quality is not the best one, but they mean something for me. Like the selfie I took in the bathroom. Even after the bath, I was a mess and I didn't mind at all. None of the pictures have been cut or edited. I like them just as they are and how they show how my day was and I expect to keep being: calm and amusing :)

Hope you have a lovely year, x

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