Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hanging out with myself part 2

As I did show you my photos at the park I'm posting my photos from the bookstore. I think bookstores are the best place to go when you're upset. I mean, is there something better than books? I don't think so. I'm Brazilian so I don't speak english naturally. But I love english and learned after awhile. So now I buy books in english. That's my therapy. And I feel happy when I do that :) I bought me a mug with The Joker's face printed in it. I don't wanna use it now. It's so beautiful. My soul is fresh and clean after the last Saturday.
Hope you guys like the photos and love books, xo

I didn't know which of them I'd choose

I just got one to me

Because everybody needs one of this

My collection is growing up

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