Saturday, 24 August 2013

About music

I have no pictures to post today. Even though I want to post something. I think I should explore more the things I like and show them here. But I'm so lazy for this. I'm posting three of my fav songs. I chose these because I got others versions of them and they are almost better than the original version. The first one is Goldroom feat Chela, Fifteen. I found it in a blog of a sweety girl. She makes diary videos and put that song in one of them. I think it's so cute. The second one is Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed. Definitely, she's one of my fav singers. I can't choose only one fav music of her. And she's British! I couldn't forget about Gaga, of course. I have a thing for her. She's so different in a good way (my opinion, ok?!). I like strange people. This video was made at VMA 2009. She sang Paparazzi and blow things up. I just love the "suicide scene". Now I'm waiting for the Applause performance at VMA 2013.
Hope you guys enjoy them, xo

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